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Our sensor for glucose monitoring by unskilled personnel: children! :)

Sunday Maker Faire 20/10/2019

Sunday in a family… in our scientific family! At Maker Faire Rome -The European Edition.

Saturday Maker Faire 19/10/2019

Saturday at Maker Faire 2019, Nanobiosensinglab and SENSE4MED people Veronica Caratelli Luca Fiore Vincenzo Mazzaracchio Neda Bagheri

Friday Maker Faire 18/10/2019

Today we start our activity at Maker Faire 2019, the biggest event in Europe on innovation with Veronica Caratelli and Luca Fiore. We will be until Sunday to show our multifarious paper-based devices applied in environmental, agrifood, defence, cultural heritage and biomedical field!

The Ninth International Workshop on Biosensors in Morocco. 11/10/2019

Nanobiosensinglab at The Ninth International Workshop on Biosensors showing our results with paper-based devices.


Maker Faire 2019. 07/10/2019

Also this year we will present showing our Smart and multifarious lab on a chip on paper.
maker faire

Our paper-based sensors at San Francisco conference: Digital Printing for Fabrication 2019. 01/10/2019

Vincenzo as speaker showing our results in the development of paper-based sensors for biomedical applications exploiting different printing techniques. #sanfrancisco #nanobiosensing #sens4med

San Francisco Conference: Digital Printing for Fabrication 2019! 28/09/2019

Just finished the National Conference of Analytical Chemistry in Bari, we are in San Francisco at Printing for Fabrication Conference for a focal presentation as Nanobiosensinglab and SENSE4MED, our new start-up company!

National Conference of Analytical Chemistry in Bari. 24/09/2019

Today at National Conference of Analytical Chemistry with an oral presentation related to paper-based device for concrete artwork monitoring (speaker Prof. Fabiana Arduini) and two poster presentations regarding paper-based devices for environmental and biomedical application (Veronica Caratelli). For each measure we have a paper-based device!

Stefano Cinti lecture at the Italian Analytical Chemistry Division. 23/09/2019

Congrats to Stefano Cinti for his lecture as selected young scientist from Italian Analytical Chemistry Division!